What is clean beauty?

Many people have heard or read the term “Clean beauty” or “green beauty”. These terms are definitely on trend at the moment, but what exactly is “clean beauty”?

Clean beauty takes a different approach to the mainstream cosmetics industry in many ways. Whilst mainstream beauty products are there to clean, perfume, or enhance our appearance in some way, clean beauty is the blending of holistic principles that includes natural cosmetics and skincare, health and wellness, mindfulness, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As consumers, we are becoming increasingly aware and better informed about the importance of looking after ourselves and our planet. Many are beginning to think about how they buy their personal care products and are making considered choices when purchasing. We are more concerned about the safety and efficacy of products that we ingest or put on our skin. We are asking more questions and considering the ethics of our choices and the impact on the environment. How is it manufactured? How were the ingredients sourced? Were the ingredients sustainably produced and harvested? Was there any damage to the local environment or ecosystems? Are the companies where the brand buys ingredients from implementing reduced carbon footprint strategies?

Clean beauty is also about trust, traceability and transparency. Brands need to be honest about what their aims are and what is in each product and communicating this with their consumers. When the consumer has this information available to them, it enables them to be able to make considered choices in their purchases. We can then all celebrate small steps or changes towards clean beauty practices and embrace the wider goal of wellbeing and sustainability.

Simply put, clean beauty or green beauty is about looking after ourselves and our planet.

Posted 10 May 2021


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