mum to be products
A range of products designed especially for the” Mum to Be” using only natural and organic ingredients. During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes huge changes and hormonal fluctuations. These products were designed during and after my own pregnancies and as a result help care for and address the needs of your changing skin as well as helping you feel pampered and relaxed. There are a few products specifically for use during pregnancy and birth but the Natures Dew range has skin care products which caters for your skin before, during and after pregnancy. The range of cleansers, moisturisers, face scrubs, masks and body care products enables you to choose luxurious products from head to toe knowing they are safe to use and free from harmful chemicals. Many essential oils are safe to use after 4 months of pregnancy in reduced amounts. There is also a range of products that do not contain any essential oils.

Consider these products from our range in addition to the specific “Mum to Be”

The Refreshing Gel Cleanser is very cooling and calming on hormonal or combination skin. It removes make up and gently cleansing away impurities leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

Antioxidant Face Mist is great as a toner, pick – me – up or after an attack of morning sickness. Also great after the birth when you need a quick boost.

Youthful Radiance is a light hydrating cream enriched with watermelon oil to balance and heal while the Raspberry and Cucumber Hydrating Cream is a beautifully textured moisturiser suitable for most skin types.

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