our journey
While always concerned about the skin care products I used I didn’t take careful notice until I became pregnant with my first child. I started to look closely at what they contained. All the expensive and well known brands I was using contained ingredients that were cause for my concern and my baby’s wellbeing.

Seeking out alternatives I discovered more and more negative aspects about the ingredients found in so many common skin care products. This included the vast number of products that contain petro-chemical based ingredients. I started to realise how much of this had been absorbed through my skin, the body’s largest organ, and the compounding effect this may have in years to come. With so many cancers and other nasty ailments becoming more prevalent I decided to act rather than wait for any direct links to be proven.

I found some quality organic products but was unable to find a full range that I thought suited my needs. My journey of discovery eventually lead to me creating skin care products for myself, my children and my husband. My skin feels and looks better than ever. More importantly my children’s skin is soft and smooth and we have avoided any nappy rash, dry skin patches or eczema.

By experimenting I eventually created products I believe out perform anything I could find plus have the peace of mind that they are formulated from natural and organic ingredients that I have total confidence in. Now these are all I ever use.

In sharing my creations with family and friends the response has been simply amazing. It convinced me this is something I should share with others. I hope you enjoy using them.

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